Enterprise Vault (EV) Archive Usage Limit in the Vault Administration Console (VAC) has a limit of 16GB

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Archive Usage Limit in the VAC has a limit of 16GB.

This problem applies to Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 and earlier. In Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 and later, the maximum archive size limit in the VAC has increased to 200GB.


Enterprise Vault provides a facility for an administrator to assign a particular size limit to an archive or globally to all archives. This can be done globally by selecting the Archive Usage Limit tab on the properties of the site which provides the following screen:-


Alternatively, this can be done by selecting the Archive Usage Limit tab from the properties of an archive which provides the following screen:-


When assigning a size limit of above 16000 the following prompt is generated:-


There is no actual limit to a size of an archive so this restriction has been found to be a limiting factor.

Workarounds Available

Workaround 1:
If a user is getting close to a 16GB archive then disable the Archive Usage Limit for that particular archive.
Workaround 2:
Manually add the required value directly in the SQL table by performing the following:-

1. Open SQL Server Query Analyzer (SQL 2000) or Open a New Query Window (SQL 2005 and above)
2. The query below  would set the archive called EVUser to have an Archive Usage Limit of 20GB:-

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
UPDATE Archive
SET ArchiveLimitSize = 204800000
Where ArchiveName = 'EVUser'

The data type of the ArchiveLimitSize column in the database is set to bigint.  Therefore the value to be inserted here is calculated using the following formula,

20000 x 1024 = 204800000 which would be displayed at 200000 Megabytes in the VAC.

NOTE: Inserting a value of 20000 into the ArchiveLimitSize column of the archive table would limit the archive to a size of 19 Megabytes

This issue has been addressed with the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 - Release Details

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Unable to set archive usage limit to larger than 16GB

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