Manual disaster recovery of SharePoint server with just the SQL Agent database backup

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SharePoint server experienced a hardware failure and now it needs to be recovered. The only backup of SharePoint with Backup Exec was a backup of just the SharePoint database files (mdf and ldf).


Disaster recovery requirements needed to complete the procedure:
  1.  A copy of Symantec Backup Exec (tm) for Windows Server with the SharePoint Agent installed
  2. The latest backup of the SharePoint Portal Server that is to be recovered
  3. The SharePoint Portal Server CD
  4. Any SharePoint Portal Server service packs that were applied to the original installation
Disaster Recovery Process
  1. The operating system server must be recovered first. For more information, see
  2. Upon the recovery of the Windows server (after the last reboot) the SharePoint Portal Server software is installed but not functional. It must be removed and then reinstalled before SharePoint data can be restored.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling SharePoint Portal Server 
  • Use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to uninstall SharePoint Portal Server. Restart the server when the uninstall operation completes
  • Insert the SharePoint CD and install SharePoint Portal Server to the desired location using the appropriate options for the environment. When the New Workspace Wizard starts, click Cancel
  • If applicable, install any SharePoint Portal Server service packs that were applied to the original installation
3.  Install the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems on the SharePoint server
4.  Restore the databases using Backup Exec and the SQL Agent
5.  Contact Microsoft for assistance with manually re-configuring the SharePoint site 


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