"Another instance of liveupdate is running" when running LiveUpdate from Symantec Mail Security for Domino 8.0.x

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You are running Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) 8.0.x on Windows.
When you click the "Run LiveUpdate" button from SMSDOM GUI, you are presented the following message:

"Another instance of LiveUpdate is running"


Windows server 2008 64bit and Domino server 8.5.2


The installation of SMS DOM 8.x was performed through Remote Desktop.

Or there is a background process locking the liveupdate process.


- In the Domino Server console type: tell SAV quit
- In Windows Task Manager - Processes - End all the process containing "java"
- In C:\Windows\Temp (smsdom default temp directory) delete any file which is named "smsdulck" or "Jlu.Session.End.dat"
- In the Domino Server console type: load nntask
- In the LiveUpdate tab press "Run LiveUpdate Now". This should update the definitions.


If the above does not resolve the problem:

Uninstall the SMS DOM 8.x Manually and install it from Local

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