Best Practise for dealing with AHCI related lock up issues in Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.1.

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Certain systems are prone to lock up at various different stages when a Ghost task is run. This issue has particularily come to light since the release of GSS 2.5.1.

There are several variations of this issue. Lock up can occur when a task is run prior to rebooting into the virtual partition or booting into PE. It can also occur while booting into the Windows PE virtual partition, or after a cloning job has run when running a configuration task.



The problem appears to be with SCSI pass through access to devices when the Intel AHCI controller is enabled. This issue is most likely due to a bug in the AHCI driver rather than a Ghost issue.


There are several steps that should be taken in order to mitigate all variations of this problem,

  1. Apply Ghost 2.5.1 build 2269. This build contains a code change that works around the AHCI driver problem by increasing the timeouts when awaiting a response from devices. This build is currently available from Technical Support.  Please see the following KB for more information:
  2. Add the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology (formerly known as the Intel Matrix Driver) to Ghost PE and Deploy Anywhere:
  3. After applying the new drivers, rebuild the Windows PE image by running the Ghost Boot Wizard.


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