The SEP for Macintosh SMC service (smcdaemon)

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Is there an SMC service in SEP for Macintosh?

How do I stop/start it?

Is there logging?

What does it control? (since there is no firewall in SEP for Mac)

SEP for Macintosh was introduced as of SEP 11.0.6



The daemon is visible in the Macintosh Activity Monitor as "smcdaemon" and will be running only on managed clients.

  • The daemon can be controlled by from terminal command prompt, via smclient (note one "c" in spelling)


        -s|--start                        start smc daemon.
        -t|--stop                         stop smc daemon.
        -l[LEVEL], --debuglevel[=LEVEL]   show/set debug level
                                          LEVEL=none,info,support or engineer.
  • Log is kept in /Library/Application Support/Symantec/SMC/debug/smc_debug.log
  • The smcdaemon controls only manager/client communications; stopping it has no effect on AutoProtect, and there is no firewall component in the Macintosh version of SEP.

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