Regulatory content in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Reporting & Analytics v.9.x fails to install, uninstall, repair, or upgrade

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Regulatory content in CCS Reporting & Analytics v.9.x fails to install, uninstall, repair, or upgrade. Other content is not affected.
  • An error appears "The setup will exit now as the installer has failed to validate the digital certificate for the following files." A list of cab files is displayed.
  • The CCS versions affected are CCS v.9.0, CCS 9.0 SP1, and all related cumulative hotfixes (CHFs) prior to the 2010-2 CHF for these versions.
  • The latest Microsoft (MS) Windows patches have been installed on the CCS Reporting & Analytics servers. MS patch KB978601 is included as part of the latest patch deployment.


On April 20 Microsoft issued a security patch for KB978601 that was meant to secure a possible vulnerability of including files that are 0KB in length in a CAB file. CCS, by using Microsoft packaging tools, had created multiple CAB files that had included 0KB files. Like many security conscious vendors, Symantec’s install of CCS verifies the authenticity of the digital signatures of all cabs and files in the install set. After installing the Microsoft patch for KB978601 the digital signatures on all the respective cab files fail to validate properly. The install of CCS stops at this point and cannot proceed.


Symantec has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) listed in this article. Symantec is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.

Resolution: All subsequent releases of CCS will have an install set that will handle the change of behavior introduced by the Microsoft patch. For pre-existing installs a utility will be created to handle the uses cases below.
  1. Check if CCS product is installed, Update the cached install set on the machine so that customers can perform add, repair, remove operations.
  2. For fresh users apply the installer patch over the CCS install set to fix the issue.
  3. For customers installing CCS 9.0.1 apply the installer patch which updates the install set to fix the issue.

As a workaround in the interim, temporary roll back Microsoft patch KB978601, perform the necessary CCS installation or upgrade, and once complete, reinstall the Microsoft patch KB978601. For assistance with Microsoft Windows patches or operating systems, contact Microsoft Corporation.

A utility has been developed to address this specific behavior. To download, please click and save the utility and readme document below:

Symantec.CCS.InstallPackageUpdateUtility.zipSymantec CCS Install Package Update Utility Readme.doc

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