Symantec Mail Security for Domino Alerts on Clustered Domino Servers.

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How will does Mail Secuirty for Domino handle Alerts in a Clustered configuration.

You get multiple alerts for some events and single alerts for others.



Mail Security for Domino is not cluster aware, therefore depending on the configuration of the Domino cluster and Mail Security For Domino you may get Multiple alerts for an event. If an event happens on multiple servers due to cluster replication you may see multiple alerts. If an event occures on a single system and the offending document/item is deleted/quarantined/cleaned on a system before it is replicated to the other server(s) only one alert would be expected.


Review the savlog.nsf for the event(s) that occured that caused alert.
If the event only appears in one servers events that alert should only be recived once.
If the event appears in multiple servers events and they are set to alert that alert may be recived multiple times.

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