How to upgrade an enforcer 6100 series appliance.

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You need to apply the latest version of the enforcer software on a device that is already in use.

Updates to software



There isn't a formal procedure for upgrading the enforcer because it's more of a reinstall than an upgrade. Make a note of all the settings on the enforcer and reinstall the new version with all of the old settings. Here is a list of the settings that should be gotten off the enforcer prior to installing the new version:

--MAB settings:

'Enforcer (MAB) show'

The mab show command enables you to display the following information:
Whether the MAC authentication bypass is enabled or disabled.
Whether look-up in the MAC LDAP database on the LDAP server is enabled or disabled.
Host name of a LDAP server
Port number of a LDAP server
Password for a LDAP server

--Export MAB db:

'#mab database upload

The MAB database upload command enables you to copy all MAB entries from a
LAN Enforcer appliance to a location, such as a TFTP server

--Get configuration settings:

'#show config'

Shows the enforcer settings.

'Enforcer# console show'

shows the console configuration settings.

--Get current Shared Secret

'#show status'

Shows shared secret.


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