Domino server is crashing - SMSDOM panic: "Error=Entry not found in index"

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You're experiencing crashes of the Domino server

The following entry is found in the smspanic.txt file generated by SMSDOM:

Mon Apr 26 08:29:10 2010: SMSDOM Panic: smsnotes::CNotesNote::CNotesNote [Status string: : Name=SmsNotesStatus,Type=STATUS_ERROR,Error=Entry not found in index,[smsnotes::CNotesNote::CNotesNote]]


SMSDOM is trying to retrieve a note from a database for scanning, however the note is deleted/removed from the database before SMSDOM is able to open it.


The solution proposed in this article only applies to SMSDOM version Any future build of SMSDOM (higher than will already include this fix.

Applying the patch

If using SMSDOM, please follow the steps below.
If your SMSDOM build is lower than 124, please make sure to upgrade to build 124 before following the steps below.
  1. Download and uncompress the patch file "nntask.exe" attached below according to the SMSDOM architecture you installed (32 or 64 bit).
  2. Shutdown SMSDOM by issuing the command "tell sav q" from Domino server console.
  3. Browse to the Domino install directory . For example C:\IBM\Lotus\Domino.
  4. Create a backup copy of the existing "nntask.exe" file.
  5. Replace the existing "nntask.exe" file with the patch downloaded at Step 1.
  6. Start SMSDOM by issuing "load nntask" command from the Domino server console.

Patch files

SMSDOM 32-bit version "nntask.exe":

SMSDOM 64-bit version "nntask.exe":

Please note that this problem has been resolved in the upcoming release of Symantec Mail Security for Domino version 8.0.6 (August/September 2010).
Symantec recommends you to update to this version in order to resolve this issue.

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