Software developer would like to add his/her software to the Symantec White-List.

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Software developer would like to add his/her software to the Symantec White-List.


For software developers, authors, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), the Symantec Software White-List program offers an opportunity to have their software added to a white-list of known good software maintained by Symantec to reduce the possibility of false positives.  Please note that Symantec offers this service to reduce false positives, but cannot guarantee that false positives will not occur.  Decisions made by Symantec are also subject to change depending on a variety of factors that include but are not limited to alterations in the software, distribution of the software, or vulnerabilities in the software to misuse by the publisher or others. Symantec may also change its classification criteria and policies over time to address the constantly evolving security landscape.  To submit software to participate in this program, please submit the candidate software to Symantec using the Software White-Listing Request form.

Software White-Listing Request Form:

 Note: If an application for white-listing is approved it can take a number of weeks for the software in question to be white-listed.  The applicant will be notified after the white-listing process for that software is completed.  The applicant will be notified if the application is not approved.



The recommendations in the following document may also help software developers avoid False Positives:

Insight Deployment Best Practices


Note that the whitelisting portal is not the same as the False Positives portal or the portal used to submit suspicious files. For details on the different portals and when each should be used, please see the Connect article Symantec Insider Tip: Successful Submissions!


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