Error: Unable to find DHCP server when using Boot Media

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After booting from a USB flash drive or CD/DVD to either a DOS or WinPE PreOS, you receive a message that the DHCP Server could not be located or found.

You may find that the assigned IP Address is a Non-Routable address beginning with 169. This issue was reported to happen on Gateway machines with an Intel PRO 1000 PL LAN ethernet card.



One reported cause for this issue is having the Spanning Tree protocol activated with firmware version Q_10_01 in place on an HP 2510-24 Switch.


There are two Solutions that will allow an IP address to be delivered through DHCP to the NIC and therefore allow Ghost to communicate to a GhostCast Server session.

1. Remove the Spanning Tree Protocol
2. Update the firmware for the HP 2510-24 switch to version Q_11_26 which will allow for the Spanning Tree protocol to be enabled.


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