Methods to Configure AIM 6.X and 7.X IM Clients to Work with IM Manager Without AOL Provisioning

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What methods are available to configure the AIM 6.X and 7.X IM clients to use the IM Manager server as a proxy? This article descibes methods that do not involve use of the AOL DCS service (see below).



  • Prior to using these steps IM Manager must be configured to support AIM SSL connections. See the IM Manager Implementation Guide for details on this configuration.
    Part of this configuration is obtaining an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate contains the hostname that the IM clients connect to. This hostname should be a "virtual" hostname. Using a virtual hostname instead of the actual machine name provides better flexibility in the future to replace servers or add load balancers.
  • Network configured to block access to KDC.UAS.AOL.COM.
    Typically this is done by entering a hostname entry in the internal DNS for to return



AOL no longer provides the provisioning process outlined within the IM Manager Implementation guide.


Single Client Configuration

    This method allows each individual user to configure their IM client to point to IM Manager directly.

    1) Start AIM client.
    2) On the logon screen containing the Username & Password click on settings in the bottom right corner.
    3) In the Host field replace with the name provisioned on the SSL certificate configured in IM Manager.
    4) Click Save.

Pushing out Change Automatically

    The AIM clients store the connection settings on the machine. Administrative tools can be used to push these changes out to the IM client workstations. The method of doing this is up to each organization.

    AIM 6.X IM clients

      These IM clients store the connection setting in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\America Online\AIM6\Users\AllUsers\

      The value of this registry key must be the name provisioned on the SSL certificate. Push out this registry change to each AIM client workstation.

    AIM 7.X IM clients

    AIM 7.x clients use a file "Global.xml" to provide the host settings for the AIM client. This file is read when the AIM process is started.

    1. Download Global.xml attached below.
    2. Edit the global.xml file with an editor.
    3. Change the following line:

      <text key="" value=""/>
      Change value to name of SSL hostname in the certificate.

    4. Save the XML file.
    5. Push out this file to each AIM client workstation to the following path:

       Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Application Data\AIM\Settings

       Windows 7:   C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local\AIM\Settings

    On next logon the AIM SSL client will use the hostname specified within the global.xml.

Technical Information
AIM 6.X and 7.X IM clients use encryption between the IM client and the AOL service. For AIM SSL clients to function with IM Manager they must correctly resolve the IM Manager server IP address using the certificate name installed to the IM Manager server per the IM Manager Implementation guide. The process outlined within this documentation provides a method for Administrators to implement changes to multiple clients without the need to make manual changes at each workstation.



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