HTTP error: 500 Internal Proxy Error (-2147209951) - SMP agents and Task Agent stop communicating with NS

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When the Notification Server is restarted, many of the client machines experience the following problems:
  1. Unable to re-register with their Task server (The NS itself) even when "Reset Agent" is used.
  2. NSE's build up in the Event Queues (Unable to send them to the NS)

The following messages are seen in the Agent log:

Process: aexnsagent.exe
Thread ID: 6280
Module: aexnsagent.exe
Source: ConfigServer
Description: RequestPolicies failed: HTTP error: 500 Internal Proxy Error (-2147209951)

Process: aexnsagent.exe
Thread ID: 5556
Module: client task agent.dll
Source: Client Task Agent
Description: CTaskServerNetCommsConnection::Register(): CAtrsException exception, error = "IDispatch error #11041", OS error = 2147757345, at CTaskServerNetCommsConnection::Get
 re-throw at CTaskServerNetCommsConnection::GetServerListXml
 re-throw at CTaskServerNetCommsConnection::GetServerList
 re-throw at CTaskServerNetCommsConnection::GetServersAndRegister

Process: aexnsagent.exe
Thread ID: 5556
Module: AeXNetComms.dll
Source: AeXNetworkTransport
Description: Get 'http://NSSERVER/Altiris/TaskManagement/CTAgent/GetClientTaskServers.aspx?resourceGuid=34526fc0-7b1e-4aff-b12c-c649390b8027' failed: HTTP error: 500 Internal Proxy Error (-2147209951)


Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP4 (First noticed)
Task Server 7.0


Proxy Server is interfering with Agent communication


There are 2 possible resolutions to this issue:

Resolution 1: Stop the NS Agent from using the Proxy Server

     To do this, follow the resolution for Scenario 2 in KB 43801 

Resolution 2 (Non-Symantec Solution): Make adjustments to your particular flavor of Proxy Server to better facilitate communication between the NS Agent and the NS itself. Every proxy server is a little bit different. Consult the vendor documentation to see what configuration changes can be made.

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