KNOWN ISSUE: Large number of ''Ping Retry'' NT Events generated

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a)  In reviewing the Windows Event Viewer Application Log, a large number of NT Events relating to metric retry conditions appear on the RMS (Remote Monitoring Server). As an example:

Changing status from Unitialized State to Retry State for metric [resource name]: Altiris Monitor Service ({3940158F-37AA-4EEE-A532-D7D8A4765F63}) assigned to resource {8C758C21-A505-4D62-B4D0-95D640E11286}.

b)  A large number of NSE's may also accumulate in the Symantec Management Agent's queue folder.

c)  The report, Server Availability, will show a large percentage of Unknown for all resources.


  • Monitor Solution SP4 HF1  7.0.7722  (and previous versions)
  • Pluggable Protocols Architecture SP4 HF1  7417  (and previous versions)


An attempt to obtain information for the resource(s) from the database failed within the Pluggable Protocols Agent.

This is a defect and has been submitted to development.


Development has provided a point fix for the PPA Agent which resolves this issue. Follow the instructions below to apply this point fix:
  1. Copy the attached file, RemoteDBDataAdapter_x86.dl_, to a temporary location on the RMS

              Note:  The RMS is installed on the Notification Server by default
  2. Stop the Symantec Management Agent service
  3. Rename the following file to RemoteDBDataAdapter_x86.old:
              C:\Program Files\Altiris\Pluggable Protocols Agent\Bin\RemoteDBDataAdapter_x86.dll
  4. Move RemoteDBDataAdapter_x86.dl_ from the temp location to the following folder and rename it to RemoteDBDataAdapter_x86.dll
  5. Start the Symantec Management Agent service 

This article will be updated once this issue has been addressed in a future release of the product.


RemoteDBDataAdapter_x86.dll (104 kBytes)

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