After upgrading to Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 10.0, the Reports and Dashboard data migration process fails with the following error:Reinstating indexes (SERIOUS ERROR!!): The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name'dbo.SubjectTestResult' and the index name 'unci_SubjectTestResult_SID_SV_TID_TV_ED_RelID_RN'

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This issue occurs if Response Assessment Module (RAM) configured with CCS 9.0.1 and the following operations were performed prior to upgrade: RAM Question that is linked to CCS policies was renamed. OR ·         RAM Questionnaire that contains questions linked to CCS policies was renamed.


Follow these steps to apply the Quick Fix

    1. Extract the content of the zip file at a known location.
    2. Take a backup of the file MigrationManifest.xml from <installDir>\Program Files\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Application Server.
    3. Replace the file MigrationManifest.xml at the <installDir>\Program Files\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Application Server location with the file extracted at the known location.

    Apply Quick Fix QF10001 and re-launch the data migration utility.

    Note - If you have upgraded to CCS 10.0 and not started data migration, you can avoid receiving this error by applying the Quick Fix QF10001 before performing the data migration.



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