What scan exclusions could be applied to an Oracle database server running Symantec Antivirus or Symantec Endpoint Protection

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What files or extensions should be excluded from scans?


Exclusions could be set for the following extensions:

.dbf - database file
.log - Online Redo Log
.rdo - Online Redo Log
.arc - Archive log
.ctl - Control files

Customers should contact Oracle Support for a full list of files and extensions that should be excluded from scans.


Note:  Wildcard variables such as * and ? are not supported by Symantec Antivirus or Endpoint Protection

IMPORTANT : Symantec does not advise excluding entire directories (such as the Oracle database directory and subdirectories) from scanning as this poses a potential high security risk. Additionally you should not exclude any temp files or folders as these can be a target for security risks.



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