NetBackup 5000 Frequently Asked Questions

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NetBackup 5000 Frequently Asked Questions


Is short name allowed for server names?
Server names must be fully qualified domain names (FQDN)

Is replication from a NBU 7.0 Media Server to an Appliance possible?

Is replication possible between the NBU 5000 Appliance and a PureDisk 6.6.1 environment (To and From)?

Which log(s) can be used to troubleshoot ChangeIP utility errors?  
The log, which is generated under /tmp/postConfig.

Will appliance boot on one CPU?

Will appliance stay powered on with one power module?

How can alarms be disabled in the NetBackup 5000?
Alarms can be disabled by issuing the following command:
/opt/MegaRaid/MegaCli/Megacli64 -AdapterSetProp -AlarmSilence

Note that this could suppress critical error messages.

Does the Reset-to-factory-defaults function remove the complete PureDisk installation?
No, it is necessart to boot from a USB DVD Device.

Can the PureDisk PostgreSQL database be tuned as they are with classic PureDisk?
Appliance PostgreSQL database be tuned based on the following recommendations:

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