Backup Exec and Cloud Storage Solutions (SPN and SOS)

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Backup Exec and Cloud Storage Solutions (SPN and SOS)


Symantec Protection Network (SPN) is a service that works automatically in the background to make copies of critical files and is aimed at providing small and mid-size businesses with low-cost online data backup and recovery. The data is encrypted as then backed up with a private pass phrase the customer uses. To ensure confidentiality of the data, that phrase isn't given to Symantec, but it can be passed on to a third-party escrow service if customers prefer. The information is backed up using compression and encryption and can be managed by the customer or its solution providers via a simple online application that can select the files or folders to be protected. The advantage of being an online application is that the data can be restored from anywhere, after the decompression and decryption of those files.


SPN offers (among other applications) Symantec Online Storage (SOS), which provides online backup and restore services, integrated with Backup Exec for Windows Servers (v12 and higher), protecting your on-site and off-site data. You can create and configure multiple Symantec Online Storage folders for different online duplicate backup jobs. However, you can only run one Symantec Online Storage job at a time. Once the SOS folder is created, it can be used as a new Device, however, it can never be part of a device pool.


Online Storage for Backup Exec allows the SPN service to be managed through the Backup Exec interface and does not require customers to install a separate software agent on the client server. You can also backup Backup Exec catalogs to SPN so that this information is protected even in case the media server crashes.

The customer can back up the following types of critical information with SOS:

■ Backup Exec catalogs
■ Customer relationship management databases
■ Employee or payroll information


  • Backup Exec 12 installed on Windows 32 bit OS
  • Sing up and download SPN Agent for Backup Exec. To do so, the customer must access the SPN service portal web page ( and select the available plans the one that fits his/her needs.
  • Install Symantec Protection Network Agent for Backup Exec on the media server.
  • Authorize SPN Agent.


In case the customer needs further assistance on purchasing this product or requires information about storage providers, he/she must contact the account manager.

For more details on SPN and SOS, please check: Symantec Backup Exec (TM) 2010 Administrator's Guide (English) (,  Appendix AA, page 1987, "Symantec Online Storage for Backup Exec".

There is also an online lesson available on SymLearn:

Backup Exec for Windows Servers 12.0 - 103 - Providing Security with Backup Exec 12 (TTE) -->

IMPORTANT: these products are only available for USA and Canada.

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