LiveUpdate does not work With SMSDOM 8.x

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There are a number of clues to look for in order to determine the actual cause of why LiveUpdate is not completing properly. We are going to mention a few here:

  1. liveupdate.conf file keeps becoming a 0 byte (blank) file and deleting settings.
  2. Error code 2001 in liveupdt.log file
  3. LiveUpdate does not work because of proxy settings are needed.
  4. LiveUpdate does not complete all the way through.
  5. C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Symantec\Java LiveUpdate\Downloads folder grows to larger than 2gb.
  6. LiveUpdate does not start, does not create a liveupdt.log file, and shows SMSDOM ERROR: unable to complete LiveUpdate session after_ attempt(s) (unknown error).


Here are some of the causes for the above symptoms:

  1. Java & Java JCE Policy files is a requirement.  This is mentioned also on page 8 of the implementation guide.  Determine your version of Java if already installed and then download the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files for your version of Java.  You can get these by going to under downloads.  The download will be a compressed file that has a Readme file inside of that telling you how to install the JCE.  If JCE is not installed the program will not be able to encrypt the information in the liveupdate.conf file and therefore overwrites the file with nothing making it a 0 byte file.
  2. SMSDOM does not know where java.exe is located.
  3. Error code 2001 means that LiveUpdate was not able to connect to any LiveUpdate server.  If proxy settings are require for the server to get to the internet, IE network settings must have the proxy settings for IE and LiveUpdate to work plus the proxy settings need to be in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Java LiveUpdate\liveupdate.conf file.  If proxy settings are setup properly you should be able to see the LiveUpdate trying to connect through these proxy settings in the liveupdt.log file.  You can also test the machine by opening IE and trying to go to to see if you can reach the page.  The last thing to check for is that the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Java LiveUpdate\Product.Catalog.JavaLiveUpdate is not 0 bytes (blank).  If so it will need to be recreated by reinstalling the whole product or by using a copy of one from some where else.
  4. Add the Proxy settings to IE Network settings.  Add the Proxy settings to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Java LiveUpdate\liveupdate.conf file.  For example these lines:
    proxyusername=myproxyuser   (Not all Proxy server require a proxy user name)
    proxypassword=myproxypassword   (Not all Proxy server require a proxy user password)

         Note: For SMSDOM 8.x, please refer to article "" for instruction on how to modify             liveupdate.conf file

     5. Check in the C:\windows\temp folder for a file named Jlu.Session.End.dat.  If this is there delete it.  This file is normally created when LiveUpdate is running to prevent another LiveUpdate from running a second instance.  This file is usually deleted after the end of a LiveUpdate.  But if for some reason this file is there and should not be delete it.



The following steps will resolve each of the issues above

  1. Make a backup of folder C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\SAV.
  2. Uninstall SMSDOM 8.
  3. Delete the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec (C:\ProgramData\Symantec on Windows 2008)
  4. Delete the file C:\Windows\temp\Jlu.Session.End.dat
  5. Install Java and Java JCE if needed.
  6. Install SMSDOM 8 with LiveUpdate.  Keep databases if still there and if you need to keep them.
  7. After install, it will ask if you want to restart the server.  Say yes to this.
  8. When the server is back up edit the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Java LiveUpdate\liveupdate.conf and add proxy settings if needed.  Also if proxy settings are needed make sure these are set in IE Network settings and tested by then going to
  9. Start Domino server if not already started.
  10. In the notes.ini file add the following line (correct path to java.exe as needed): 
    SAVJava=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\
  11. Try running LiveUpdate from the GUI.  This should complete successfully.

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