Enforcer 6100 Series Appliance LAN enforcer will not authenticate clients - failed to Bind to port

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 Enforcer 6100 Series Appliance will not authenticate clients


From the Enforcer kernel.log:
 [   radsock.c][  434]: Thread<sylane.acc.in:719> Fail to Bind to port <XXXX>, where xxxx is the port that is having the issues


 Enforcer 6100 Series Appliance in LAN mode.


 This indicates a port conflict on the port listed in the kernel.log.


 Check the RADIUS accounting port and make sure that it is not also set at 1812.

Remove port conflict on Enforcer via the command line.  Config > Advanced > Radius > Show will tell you what the RADIUS accounting port is set to.  You can change it by Entering in Config > Advanced > Radius > Acc_Port

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH137552

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