How do I configure Low Latency Transport (LLT) for VCS?

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How do I configure Low Latency Transport (LLT) for VCS?


To configure LLT, set up an /etc/llttab configuration file on each system in the cluster.

Each /etc/llttab file must specify the system�s ID number, the network interfaces to use, and other directives. Refer to the sample llttab file in /opt/VRTSllt.

The following example shows a simple llttab with minimum directives.

      set-node 1
      link qfe0 /dev/qfe:0 - ether - -link
      qfe1 /dev/qfe:1 - ether - -start

DirectiveDescription and Notes
set-nodeAssigns the system ID. This number must be unique for each system in the cluster and be in the range of 0 - 31.
linkAttaches LLT to a network interface. At least one link is required and up to eight are supported.
startThe start directive must always appear last.
set-clusterAssigns a unique cluster number. Use this directive when more than one cluster is configured on the same physical network connection.
link-lowpriUse this directive in place of a link for public network interfaces. This directive prevents VCS comunications on the public network unitl the network is the last link, and reduces the rate of heartbeat broadcasts.

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