Vault Cache Synchronization fails if client PC's are configured to use a Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file

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When the case of the download Uniform Resource Locator (URL) configured by the Enterprise Vault (EV) client extensions in the Vault Cache (VC) Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) job does not match the case of the Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file rule for the requested EV server, then the correct proxy routing will not occur and VC Synchronization may fail.


The following error is logged in the EV client extensions log:

CONTENT:BUILD: ~CCDownloadContentCache::GetJobState
CONTENT: ~ContentCacheImpl::GetCurrentStatus
~CCache::GetCacheState: 0x0
CCJobNotification::JobError - Job Error: 0x0
Job Name is 'EV: 2010-04-01 to 2010-06-30'
No error description available
: 0x80070717
ERROR - The error was related to the specified remote file. For example, the URL was not accessible.
Job Error - Failed
~CCJobNotification::JobError - Job Error: 0x80070717
DTCC: WaitForMultipleObjects: 3
CCDownloadContentCache::OnBitsJobComplete: 0x0
Completed INITIAL Job filename '2010_04_06_0003.db' state '7'
CONTENT:BUILD: Stopping download state '7'
CONTENT:BUILD: ~CCDownloadContentCache::OnBitsJobComplete: 0x80004005
CONTENT: ERROR - Initialisation failed - retry logic starting

See the Related Articles section for instructions on setting up client logging.


In EV 8.0 and later VC content is downloaded via a BITS job.  BITS connects to the EV server using a URL similar to the example below:

This BITS job can fail because PAC files are case sensitive. Hostnames in a different case to the PAC file rule will not be matched against this rule. As a result the BITS job may fail or be routed incorrectly.  In the example below, the BITS job will be routed via a proxy instead of going direct because the server name is in upper case whereas the PAC file rule is in lower case:

BITS Download URL:


PAC  File Rule:

if (    

shExpMatch (host, "**")

   return "DIRECT";


return "PROXY";


The EV client extensions generate the BITS download URL by referring to the ComputerName,in the ComputerEntry table in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database.  The value in this column contains the FQDN of the Enterprise Vault server, the CASE and structure of this value must exactly match the value used in the PAC file

If the value is modified in the SQL database,  ensure that this value matches the PAC file, then synchronize all mailboxes via the Synchronization tab in the properties of the relevant Mailbox Archiving Task.  Close and reopen Outlook for the changes to take effect.

Alternative you can modify the PAC file to match the value in the SQL database.

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