Unable to find Exported IM Conversations in Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) When EV Metadata is not Present

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IM Manager is configured to export IM conversations to EV CA using the direct-EV API.  However you are unable to find these IM conversations in CA.





·        Export job is created as an integrated EV export job.

1.      Open the IM Manager Administration Console.

2.      Click on Administration tab.

3.      Click on Configuration > Export.

4.      Click the Edit control for the EV export job.

If there is an EV Directory DNS Alias textbox then the export job is an integrated EV export job.


·        All EV/CA searches are done with the steps outlined in the following article: How to Search Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) for IM Conversations Exported by Direct-EV Export Job.


·        One of the following EV Metadata is not present: Vault.MsgDirection, auto, reto

    1. Open the EV Search page.
    2. Enter appropriate search criteria to find the IM converstations.
    3. Enter the following into the properties to return:

auth reto Vault.MsgDirection

    1. Perform the search.
    2. The search should show that the metadata is present. 

If either auth, retro, or Vault.MsgDirection is not present then EV CA searches will not find IM conversations.  See the attached screenshot for an example of how the results should look with valid and present metadata.



When EV CA performs a search it uses this metadata.  If the metadata is either empty or not present then EV CA will not find the IM conversations. 


For SMTP messages ingested into EV through the Exchange Journaling mailbox the Vault Journaling task attaches the Vault.MsgDirection to the email message.  The value of this metadata indicates whether the message was sent from an external user to an internal user or from an internal user to an external user or from an internal user to an internal user.  The value of zero indicates that the direction is “unknown”.


This issue has been addressed with the release of IM Manager 8.4.16.

Please upgrade to the latest version of IM Manager to resolve this issue.

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