VXSS is failing. The debug file is filling up with "An attempt to renew credential with an invalid account" messages

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Getting errors in the log, "An attempt to renew credential with an invalid account" which are filling up the filesystem.


Aug 11 01:03:53 <PM hostname> Symantec: 52522,195,17,26612,4148624288,(null),Auditing,0 1|root|<PM node>|xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx|19|0|AT_ADMINOP|yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy||47|3|Private Domain Repository| An attempt to renew credential with an invalid account


Credential from client node has been deleted from the PM.  Credential renewal failures being output into the log every few seconds are filling up the filesystem.


Stop services on the client node:
  # hastop -client -local -force

On PM node:
- Go to the location of the VAD 1.1 install media.
    # ./installvadcd -createcredential
- scp the 3 files created on the PM to the client

Reconfigure the client:
  # cd /opt/VRTS/install
  # ./installvadcd -configure
- Use the files copied from the PM when prompted.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH138529

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