A volume or folder that is targeted by Enterprise Vault File System Archiving is not being archived

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File system volume "is not synchronised as it is not marked with a policy"  and the RootFolder info will be deleted from folder: \\server1.acme.com\volume1$\subfoldera\targetfolder  as the folder is a copy of another marked folder


From the archive report:

                *** Warning *** - One more Root folders were not synchronized
                                Root folder:
\\server1.acme.com\volume1$\subfoldera\targetfolder is not synchronised as it is not marked with a policy

A dtrace shows for the top level folder:

(EvFsaArchivingTask)      <6156> EV-L       {FOLDER.EN_US} The folder: \\server1.acme.com\volume1$\subfoldera\targetfolder is not marked as a Root Folder

Each processed folder is stamped with a Folder Point by means of an Alternate Data Stream (ADS) called EVFolderPoint.xml attached to each folder as a hidden stream. Looking at the EVFolderPoint.xml it seems like the xml tag is being purged  to remove the ID reference that identifies the folder as a Root Folder target and the respective UTC value representing the Created Date (cDate) stamp for the folder.

A purged EVFolderPoint.xml  looks like:   

<folder xmlns="urn:kvsplc-com:FileSystemFolder" />

However, when the target is added to the Vault Administration Console, the XML looks like:

<folder xmlns="urn:kvsplc-com:FileSystemFolder"><rootFolderEID>1878A4D272FCAC941A1D19295933751181011100luluaappev1</rootFolderEID><rootFolderCreatedDate>129277387353599130</rootFolderCreatedDate></folder>

When the EVFsaArchivingTask.exe starts to process the folder on an archiving run it resets the ADS to this: 

 <folder xmlns="urn:kvsplc-com:FileSystemFolder" />

This can be seen in the dtrace as:

(EvFsaArchivingTask)      <7092> EV-L       {FOLDER.EN_US} The RootFolder info will be deleted from folder: \\server1.acme.com\volume1$\subfoldera\targetfolder  as the folder is a copy of another marked folder



The folder's "created date" was constantly changing and updating with the current processing day and time stamp.  The "created date" changes for a folder is not normal behaviour. As it may not be possible to determine what exactly is causing the cDate to be dynamically modified, a workaround is described below.


1.  Log onto the database server where your Enterprise Vault Directory database is hosted.
2.  Open SQL Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Management Studio
3.  Expand the Databases directory and expand the tables folder.
4.  Locate and open the FileSystemArchivingTask table
5.  Locate the IgnoreFolderCreatedDate column and change its value from 0 to 1
6.  Log out of SQL Server Management Studio
7.  In the VAC Synchronise the FSA Task and then wait for an archiving run to complete and check the resulting logfile for any of the errors previously encountered.


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH138972

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