Could not load the DLL library C:\WINNT\System32\advapi32.dll

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When executing a Wise Script installation .EXE, an error message appears, "Could not load the DLL library C:\WINNT\System32\advapi32.dll," when running the installation.

This occurs during the execution of the Check Service script action.


Wise Installation System 9.02
Wise Package Studio—all versions
Windows* NT, 2000, and XP


The executable has been built to support 16- and 32-bit operating systems. The 32-bit .DLLs cannot load properly from this configuration. This is by the design and function of the operating system.


To resolve this issue:
  1. Open the .WSE project file.
  2. Go to Installation Expert > Build Settings.
  3. Select Windows 95 and NT (True Win32) from the Destination Platforms drop-down list.
  4. Save and compile.

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