Error Message When trying to Open IM Manager Exported Conversations in Enterprise Vault (EV) using http://localhost/enterprisevault/searcho2k.asp: Could not show this item

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You have located IM Manager exported IM conversations in EV using http://localhost/enterprisevault/searcho2k.asp.  You click on one of the IM Manager conversations.  The following dialog box is displayed:

Could not show item.
Please try again; if it still fails, contact your Enterprise Vault administrator.
The handle is invalid.

This behavior is also seen in the following situations:

  • Running an EV search from within Outlook.

  • Running an EV search from within the EV Administration Console.

1. Open the EV Administration Console.

2. Navigate to Console Root|Enterprise Vault|Directory on <DirectoryServiceHostname>|<EnterpriseVaultSite>|Archives.

3. Click on the node where the IM Manager archive exists.  For example, Shared or Exchange Journal.

4. Right click on the archive name in the right hand window pane and select Search....

NOTE:  All of these methods use the basic search page http://localhost/enterprisevault/searcho2k.asp.




IM Manager conversations are exported to EV in EML format.  The EV basic search page always opens items using Outlook.  Outlook cannot open EML format items.


Use the EV advanced search page to open IM Manager conversations: http://localhost/enterprisevault/search.asp.

Outlook can be configured to use this automatically with the following steps:

1. Open the EV Administration Console.

2. Expand EVSite|Policies|Exchange|Desktop.

3. In the right pane right click on Default Mailbox Policy and select Properties.

4. Click on Advanced tab.

5. Select Outlook from the dropdown.

6. Change the option Search Behavior from In outlook to Separate Browser.

7. Synchronize the mailboxes to have this change take effect.

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