Release Update NB_Java_7.0.1.tar provides fixes for the Symantec NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Server / Server 7.0 Java Administration Console on UNIX/Linux clients.

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JAV 7.0 Pack NB_JAV_7.0.1 README                        July 26, 2010
Requirement: NB_CLT_7.0.1
Deleted: usr/openv/java/nbjP.jar
SeqNumber: 20100902
This Release Update provides an update to Veritas NetBackup (tm) Java for UNIX.

For additional information about new platform proliferations, new features
associated with this release, end-of-life notifications, known issues, and
the current Release Update content, refer to the following TechNote on the
Symantec Support Web site:



    -- NB_CLT_7.0.1_<6 digit number>.tar must be installed before this
       Release Update is installed.

    -- Installation of this Release Update requires version of the
       NB_update.install script.


1) Close the NetBackup user interfaces.
  - Make sure the NetBackup server has no active jobs running (for example,
    backups, restores, or duplications).

  - If a database agent is being used, such as Oracle, ensure that the database
    services are stopped.


For LOCAL installs:

As root ONLY on Solaris, HP-UX, HP-UX-IA64, Linux, or RS6000
NetBackup Master/Media/Client machine:

2) Install the Release Update binaries.

       cd /tmp
       /bin/sh NB_update.install

       Note: The subject matter on the second line of this README with
             the keyword "Deleted" causes NB_update.install
             to delete a file if it exists.  It is used exclusively by the
             NB_update.install script for install purposes
             only and requires no actions from the user.  


For REMOTE installs:

As root on all NetBackup Master/Media Servers:

2) Install the Release Update binaries.

       cd /tmp
       /bin/sh NB_update.install

3) Update any NetBackup clients that use the NetBackup Java applications.


Note:  This will ONLY uninstall the Release Update from your local machine.

As root:

   1)Close the NetBackup user interfaces.

       Make sure the NetBackup server has no active jobs running (for
       example, backups, restores, or duplications).

       If a database agent is being used, such as Oracle, ensure that the
       database services are stopped.

   2)Change directory to the patch save directory.  
     Substitute the Release Update name for ${PACK.EN_US} in the following command:

          cd /usr/openv/pack/${PACK.EN_US}/save

   3)Run the un-install script:


   4)Verify that the Release Update uninstalled successfully by checking

   5)If update_clients was run after the Release Update was originally
       INSTALLED, and the Release Update is successfully UNINSTALLED, run:


   6)If necessary, restart the NetBackup and Media Manager daemons:

You can find the Release Update install logs in /usr/openv/pack/pack.history
after the installation is complete.


NB_JAV_7.0.1.tar (93 MBytes)

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