Issues with frozen tapes: "read error on media, physical end of the tape has been reached

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In NetBackup versions 6.5.6 and 7.01 there is a known issue when attempting to write to a piece of media that has been marked full then the last image on that media is expired.  Also if this media was used for a backup that spanned multiple media but the job failed for some status code other than a status 1.


From BPTM Log:

00:01:01.937 [5956.4080] <16> io_ioctl: ioctl (MTWEOF) failed on media id
VT109E, drive index 14, The physical end of the tape has been reached. (1100)
00:01:01.937 [5956.4080] <2> send_MDS_msg: DEVICE_STATUS 1 103663 test
VT109E 4000452 TEST-Lib03-003 2000100 WRITE_ERROR 0 0
00:01:02.093 [5956.4080] <2> log_media_error: successfully wrote to error file -
06/01/10 00:01:02 VT109E 14 WRITE_ERROR TEST03-Lib03-003


NetBackup versions 6.5.6 or 7.01 running on Windows media servers.  The issue may also occur if an upgrade occurred from NetBackup 6.5.6 to version 7.0.  NDMP backups can also experience this issue for these same versions of NetBackup.


Symantec Corporation has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the version(s) of the product(s) mentioned at the end of this article. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.


Work around:

There is an emergency engineering binary (EEB) available to work around the issue related to the tapes being marked full.  This binary is available by contacting support and referencing Etrack 2072065 for NetBackup version 6.5.6 and Etrack 2140608 for NetBackup version 7.01 The final version of these updates will be in a future release of NetBackup.


EEB 2182228 is an updated binary that also fixes the issues of the drives going down that some customers experience.
The issue is fixed permanently in NetBackup 7.1 and 7.5.

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