Antivirus definitions do not show as updated in the Symantec Brightmail Gateway Control Center

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The Antivirus definitions are not updated or are showing an old date in the Symantec Brightmail Gateway Control Center



  • The communication to the Symantec antivirus server appears to be fine and a connection to via telnet works.
  • There is no proxy in the environment and the necessary firewall ports are open.
  • curl -o /tmp/ennlu.lin gives no error and downloads correctly.
  • The sh ./defs_dl_test.txt schedule script gives no errors as well and shows the antivirus definitions are downloading.
  • The Timeout value has been increased to the maximum 60 minutes and the frequency has been set to every 2 or 4 hours with no effect.
  • The Antispam definitions are downloading correctly.
  • Changing the settings to pull Rapid Release definitions does not make a difference.
  • The jlu-controller_log and liveupdt.log show no useful errors for the problem.



  • The JLU process appears to be hanging and will be terminated.
  • Failed to install the Antivirus definitions.


  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway Appliance 82xx/83xx series
  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway version 8.0.x  and higher or
  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition version 8.x  or 9.x.



The download speed to or from the Symantec Brightmail Gateway is too slow.


The Symantec antivirus definitions are about 80 MB in size.  To download these definitions within the timeout limit of 60 minutes, a download speed of at least 30 KB/sec or about 240 kbps must be maintained. A test can be done by logging in to the Symantec Brightmail Gateway scanner via the support account and entering at the command line interface prompt:

This command will establish a text based web browser connection to the antivirus definitions file and list statistics for the download package including the download speed in KB/sec. This will need to done on each scanner as the bandwidth for each scanner may vary. If the download speed displayed is lower than 30 KB/sec, definitions will or may not download and a way to increase the bandwidth from or to the Symantec Brightmail Gateway will need to be found e.g contacting the Internet Service Provider.

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