DS 6.5 Remote Control fails while connected through Terminal Services to the Deployment Server

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When trying to use remote control on a client machine using the Deployment Server console, the following error messages appear and the remote control attempt fails:


Deployment Server 6.5 build
Multiple users are accessing the Deployment Server console using Terminal Services.


After installing in DS 6.5, the Deployment Server uses static ports by default for remote control sessions. This will cause one server to only be able to have a single remote control session. If multiple users are using Terminal Services to access the same console at the same time, only one of those users will be able to use remote control. Any other user who attempts to use remote control after a user has opened that static port will receive the error message. The other users will not be able to use remote control until the first user has logged out of Terminal Services.


There are two resolutions to this issue depending on how you want to set up your environment:
  1. Turn off the static remote control port assignment in the DS console. This can be done by opening the DS console and going to Tools > Options > Global and then unchecking the box "Remote Control Ports ______". This approach will be easier to do as users will then be able to still use Terminal Services to access the console and remote control.
  2. Do not use Terminal Services to access the Deployment Server console. Instead, install the DS Console on each users local machine. This approach will still use the static ports and will help lock down unnecessary ports if high security is required. This approach requires more work however as each console needs to be installed individually, and the users need public access to the eXpress database.

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