Unable to enable mailbox - [0x-2146232832]

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When running the Domino mailbox provisioning task, some mail files may not successfully get enabled for archiving. 


Unable to synchronize or auto-enable mailbox for user 'CN=Sym Testuser/O=Symantec with DB 'mail\stestuser' - Unable to enable mailbox - [0x-2146232832]


This is caused by the Domino Mail database reaching or exceeding the size quota. Enterprise Vault tried to enter the necessary profile information into the Mail database and was unable to do so because there was not enough space.


 Set the quota to a higher value than the currently allocated size. To set or change quotas on mail databases, follow these steps:

  1. In the Domino Administrator client, click the Files tab, and locate the mail directory.
  2. Select one or more mail databases, and then in the Tools area, click Database and select Quotas.
  3. In the Set Quotas dialog box, select the "Set database quota to" option and enter the quota value.
  4. Select the "Set warning threshold to" option and enter the warning threshold value.
  5. Click OK to continue; the new quota is applied to the mail database.

Run the provisioning task again and the mail database should now be enabled successfully.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH140068

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