Introduction to Symantec Mobile Security 4.0 for Symbian

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Introduction to Symantec Mobile Security 4.0 for Symbian.



About Symantec Client Security

Symantec Client Security for Nokia Communicator - Corporate Edition provides secure mobile computing through comprehensive, reliable protection against malicious attacks directed at Nokia Communicators.
What you can do with Symantec Client Security
You can do the following with Symantec Client Security:
  • Protect the devices with real-time and on-demand scanning for viruses.
Symantec Client Security provides antivirus protection for the devices on which it runs. Auto-Protect monitors activity on the device and looks for viruses when users open, run, rename, or move files, or copy files to and from folders. Users can initiate on-demand scans that systematically check the files on the device for viruses.  Administrators can initiate remote scans on the devices.
  • Protect the devices with centralized firewall management.
Symantec Client Security provides firewall protection for the devices on which it runs. Centralized firewall management lets you create and modify firewall policy files, and then push them to the devices.
  • Update virus protection.
Symantec Client Security employs virus definitions files to detect known Symbian OS™ viruses. Symantec makes updated virus definitions files available regularly. For Nokia Communicators, LiveUpdate Wireless can obtain the latest virus definitions and product updates over the Internet.
  • Monitor antivirus activity.
The Activity Log on the device provides key information about antivirus activities, including partial scans, full scans, found viruses, repaired files, deleted infected files, and failures to delete infected files.
  • Monitor intrusion attempts.
The Activity Log on the device provides key information about firewall activities, including blocked outbound TCP connections, blocked inbound TCP connections, and port scanning attempts (suspicious network activity, which may be a port scan).
  • Centrally update and configure multiple devices.
Administrators use their existing infrastructure to transfer update and configuration files to multiple devices, and to remotely initiate product and virus definitions updates and virus scans.
System requirements
If you plan to push the installation files from a computer that uses mobile device management software, you need to install Nokia PC Suite in addition to the mobile device management software. Install Symantec Settings Builder on the computer from which you plan to push configuration files to the devices.

CD Start and Symantec Settings Builder system requirements

Operating system


Windows NT® 4.0 Workstation/Server with Service Pack 6a

Pentium 100 MHz

58 MB of RAM

Windows 2000 Server™/Advanced Server/Professional with Service Pack 2


Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 2


Windows 2003 .NET Server

Pentium 233 MHz with MMX

58 MB of RAM



Device requirements

Operating system or component


Symbian OS

Installation footprint: ~700 KB

Nokia Series 60 2.0 and compatible devices (Symbian OS 7.0s - 8.0a)

Nokia Series 80 2.0 9500 and compatible devices (Symbian OS 7.0s)

LiveUpdate Wireless

Internet connection



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