ICommand 3.0 and CCM 5.4.x Service Pack 1 release notes

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Release Notes for SP1




May 2004

Release Name: iCommand V3 Service Pack 1 (Windows)



This service release provides revised versions of several CCM and iCommand Services.

It resolves issues that were identified in CCM V5.4.x and iCommand V3.0 releases and

that are described in the DTS (Defect Tracking System) reports listed below.




This service release includes and replaces the following service releases:

CCM V5.4.1 Services Patch 3

CCM V5.4.1 Services Patch 2

CCM V5.4.1 Services Patch 1

CCM Pre-OS Locator Service V1.0 for CCM V5.x



The "iCommand V3 Service Pack 1" runs on CCM V5.x and iCommand V3.0 server

on Windows platforms.




- Installer program iCommandV3SP1.exe

- Silent mode file iCommandV3SP1.properties

- Information file whatami.html

The setup installs dependent on the


- CCM/iCommand server type (configuration or site server)

- CCM/iCommand product version

- server OS platform

- existence of the iCommand web services

- existence of the CCM Pre-OS Locator Service


the following services and files:

- CCM Windows Agent Support Service and example configuration file

- iCommand Java Agent Support Service

- CCM Notify Service

- CCM Pre-OS Locator Service with Administration Tool and example configuration files

- CCM Database Service

- common jar files api.jar, apistubs.jar, serverfw.jar

- DLL file jdbapi.dll


Note: Backups of all installation files will be created in the original folder.




Prepare the installation using the following steps:

1. Ensure that CCM 5.x or iCommand V3.0 has been properly installed and no

managed computers are executing jobs nor any administrative tasks running.

2. Download the installer file "iCommandV3SP1.exe" and copy it to the

configuration server.

3. Repeat this step for the silent mode properties file iCommandV3SP1.properties

if you plan to use this mode. Note that it must be in the same directory as

the installer program.

Install the files using the following steps:

1. On the configuration server, logon as Administrator or a user with

Administrator privileges.

2. Change to the service pack directory and double-click iCommandV3SP1.exe. Then

follow the program instructions.

3. Verify the installer log file in the iCommand/CCM base installation directory

(e.g. d:\ccm).

Silent mode:

To run the installation of this service release silently make sure that both

the installer program .exe and the .properties file are in the same directory.

Launch the installer on the command line or by double-clicking on it.




DTS 5005/46, 2029/137


Heavy load produced by hundreds managed computers simultaneously polling may provoke

the CCM Windows Agent Support Service to crash.

New status:

In order to prevent the CCM Windows Agent Support Service from getting instable, a

connection limiting mechanism has been implemented. No more connections will be

accepted until processing of one of the established connections has finished.

After this point, additional connect requests will be on hold until one of the prior

connections has been closed.

The default limit value is 100 connections. This value of MaxConnections can be changed

in the ccmdass.cfg file. But increasing this value without assistance of a Product Support

Representative is not recommended as the limit of connections is related to the resources

the Operating System can grant to the Service.


DTS 509/329, 5017/49


Occasionally the assignment of software packages containing a [substitute] entry causes

the installation job exists twice in the job list of the managed computer. Further job

processing may cause the CCM Windows Agent Support Service to crash.

New status:

The new CCM Windows Agent Support Service is able to handle this exception without crash.

Additionally the Database Service has been enhanced to prevent the assignment of duplicate

installation jobs.


DTS 076/1, 5005/31


The configuration file entry Logfile_Size does not affect changing the ccmdass.log

file accordingly. The maximum log file size of 1 mb cannot be increased.

New status:

The new JDBAPI.DLL file fixes this issue.


DTS 5005/27


Several jobs have been assigned to a managed Pocket PC. The first software package

according to the dependency order fails due to a script mistake. After it's correction

and the next agent polling it will be executed properly. But the remaining dependent

jobs won't be executed consecutively.

New status:

The iCommand Java Agent Support Servlet has been enhanced to address this issue.

Dependent jobs will be executed automatically after the software package correction.


DTS 5005/42


The configuration server, administration machines and managed computer are in the same

time zone. If setting an action period to restrict the job execution time the actual

time window coming into effect shows a difference according to the time zone offset.

New status:

A conversion procedure has been implemented in the new iCommand Java Agent Support Service

to resolve this issue.


DTS 5005/26


If a "F5 Concentrator" is running in the network where the CCM Pre-OS Locator Service

is listening to it's port receiving unexpected Protocol Data Units may cause the service

to crash.

New status:

The CCM Pre-OS Locator Service has been enhanced to detect and handle unknown Protocol

Data Units.




- If you assign more than one configuration package to a computer at once, and also enter

a date in the "drive/date dialog box" (instead of the default: empty = current date) of

specific but not all packages, a scheduled package may execute immediately. Vice versa

a non-scheduled package may not execute immediately.


When scheduling configuration packages set the same date for all.

- If you assign more than one configuration package to a computer at once, and the first

configuration package has a reboot final in it, after the reboot, all the packages will

be marked as done.


Instead of the 'reboot final' statement a 'reboot <jump label number>' should be used.




Run the script "version.bat" in the subdirectory dbin of the configuration area

to verify the version information:




ccmnotify.exe 1.8



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