How to enable extended logging for Enterprise Security Manager DB2 Module

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You need to configure extended/debug logs for the ESM DB2 Module


You can create a configuration file named esmlog.conf in the <esm_install_dir>/config folder and specify the values thatESMuses to store the logs of a module.

To create the configuration file
1 Change to the <esm_install_dir>/config folder.
2 Create a new text file and specify the parameters and their values.
3 Save the text file as esmlog.conf.

The following is an example of the entries in the configuration file:

[MaxFileSize] = 1024
[NoOfBackupFile] = 20
[LogFileDirectory] = <esm_install_dir>/system/agentname/logs
[db2discovery_LogLevel] = ESMMAXIMUM

Note: No default configuration file is shipped with the ESM DB2 modules. You need to manually create the file and specify the parameters in it.

Extra information provided in the documentation PDF : Page 67

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