PXE-E77: Bad or missing discovery server list

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When booting a client machine the following error occurs "PXE-E77: Bad or missing discovery server list".


 "PXE-E77: Bad or missing discovery server list".


DS 7.1 all versions

All SBS_netBoot services were running at this point of time.


There are multiple causes:


1) The SBS services have been started in an improper order and therefore the SbsNSiSignal service was unable to bind on TCP port 806.

2) Missing or in correctly configured files.  

3) Not waiting for PXE services to process sbs files

4) Dummy.0 file is present in ..\images\<preboot>\x86pc folder

5) The PXE server logs are enabled.  PXE is spending so much time updating the logs it can't service the clients.

6) If PXE images were created when SBS services were not running, you receive an error when you boot the client computer to that PXE image.


Resolution for each cause:

1) Check if any other services are using the port.    If there is no other application using this port, then the issue caused by the order on how the SBS NetBoot Services are started.  Reference KB-Article www.symantec.com/docs/TECH127275 

2) See tech127591 and tech138155.

3) After starting PXE services wait 2-5 minutes before PXE booting client systems

4) In the ..\images\<preboot>\x86pc folder run the pxefixup.bat file.

5) Disable all PXE server log files.  Please reference KB www.symantec.com/docs/howto21719

6) Verify that all SBS services are running. If any of the following four services is not running, then start it manually in this order:

  • Symantec netBoot interface

  • Symantec netBoot Server

  • Symantec netBoot NSiSignal

  • Symantec netBoot mtftp

    When the services are started, on the Deployment Solution console, click Settings > Deployment > Create Preboot Configurations. Select all the PXE images that were created when the SBS services were not running and click Recreate Preboot environment to recreate them.

         To prevent this issue from occurring, ensure that the PXE services are started and set to automatic before you create any preboot configurations


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH140957

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