LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Fails to Download Updates with Error, "Package is not trusted"

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LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) intermittently fails to download some available updates during a manual or scheduled download task.


The following lines are seen in the lua-application<number>.log file when LUA debugging is enabled:


ERROR  - Package is not trusted, its calculated GRD is not the same as GRD from fileD:\TempDownload\Downloads\1268773217906\1\1268743196jtun_emt64nav2k8en100226049.m25 the LUA event log - 530 3/16/10 3:21:04 PM MDT Download CRITICAL administrator Failed to download file "1268743196jtun_emt64nav2k8en100226049.m25" while processing request id "84".


This problem happens when LUA downloads one or more updates whose binary contents are not identical to those of the file stored on the public LiveUpdate server. The LUA server uses the SHA1 hashing algorithm to compare each downloaded file to the SHA1 hash value of the file stored on LiveUpdate. If these values do not match, LUA considers the file untrusted and will not add the file to its local repository.



Most causes of this problem are fixed in LiveUpdate Administrator  Please contact Symantec Technical Support for details on how to obtain and migrate to this release.  


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