Interactive Services Detection is interfering with Execute Command tasks that are directed to Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers

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When you try to use an Execute Command task from the Ghost Console to execute a locally house installation executable, you see that an Interactive Services Detection windows appears with the following message:

"A program can't display a message on your desktop"

If you allow the message to be displayed, the installer executable appears as it normally would.  If you do not allow the message to be displayed, the installer executable does not appear. 


The cause of this issue is currently unknown.


Symantec Technical Support has observed this error when installing Java on Windows 7 using the latest version of the installation executable.  In this instance, we were able to resolve the issue by downloading the installation MSI  file instead of the executable.

You should be able to execute the MSI file via an Execute Command task without tripping the Interactive Services Detection. 

This knowledge base document will be updated as additional information becomes available. 

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