KNOWN ISSUE: The Inventory Rule Management Agent fails installation

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When the State Management Agent install is enabled an additional agent ,the Inventory Rule Management Agent (which is also used by Patch Management 6.2 Solution), is also installed. The inventory rule management agent is utilized by the 'State Management' functionality and is a depandancy of of Application Management 6.1.


Application Management Solution 6.1.4082

Patch Management Solution 6.2




Client Side work around:

Clients that do not have the State Management Agent and the Inventory Rule Management Agent will download and install the agents as expected. Clients that have had the State Manangement Agent deployed can use one of two possible resolutions.
  • Manually execute the Inventory Rule Management agent from the SWD cache directory in the Altiris agent directory. Click on the Inventory Rule Management Agent and then select the Application Task "Install the Inventory Rule Management Agent".
  • To install the Inventory Rule Management Agent on a number of clients, a Software Delievery Task could be used to launch the 'Altiris_InventoryRuleAgent_6_2.msi'. The default location is "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Software Delivery\{57CB4C25-91B9-4120-A495-6D4BDC12743F}\cache".

Server Side work around:

Follow these steps below to edit the ApplicationManagement_SWD.config file on the Notification Server to reference the newer Inventory Rule Agent installation.
  1. Locate the Application Management config directory onthe NS. The default location is "C:\Program Files\Altiris\AppMgmt\Config"
  2. Copy this directory by right clicking it and selecting 'Copy'
  3. Right click in the window and select 'Paste'
  4. A copy of the config directory will appear. Change the name of the new directory to Config2.
  5. Locate the ApplicationManagement_SWD.config in the new config directory.
  6. Open the file with any text editor program, (Notepad, for example).
  7. Locate the following text 'Altiris_InventoryRuleAgent_6_1.msi' ( without the quotes).
  8. Change the version from 6_1 to 6_2 .
  9. Save ApplicationManagement_SWD.config file.  
  10. Execute the following command line:
    "c:\Program files\Altiris\Notification Server\bin\AexConfig.exe" /configure "c:\Program Files\Altiris\AppMgmt\Config2\ApplicationManagement.config"

NOTE: If you have changed the default installation path of Notification Server, you will need to change the path to reference Aex.Config.exe file as well as the ApplicationManagement.config file.

This issue is fixed in the next release of Application Management 6.1 SP1 and is expected to be released Q1 2007.

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