Resource Credential test fails with Incorrect Function error

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When doing a Resource Credentials test, it fails with the message: "incorrect Function".



  1. Remote agents are not updated. 
  2. Logon account does not have enough rights (Including Logon as a batch job policy in 2008 servers).
  3. No trust relationship between servers (if between two domains). Additionally, the hosts file can be used on each server with information for the other. 
  4. Firewall ports are not allowing communication.
  5. The remote agent is publishing to incorrect and/or duplicate media servers.


 Perform the steps listed below:

1) First restart Backup Exec Remote Agent service on the remote machine and run the Resource Credentials test again.

2) Make sure that the Remote agents are running with same the version as the server. Check the properties->Details (Version) of the file beremote.exe in X:\Program files\Symantec\Backup Exec\RAWS in remote server and X:\Program files\Symantec\Backup Exec folder in Media Server. For Backup Exec 2010 or later.

 For updating agents, go to Tools | Install Agents and Media Servers on Other servers, and add the server on which the test fails. It will query the Machine and determine if there are updates available.

3) If there is a firewall between client and server,  specify a range of ports that will be used by Backup Exec and ensure that the firewall has  these ports open.

For a listing of ports that Backup Exec uses, please see the article:

You can Specify ports from Tools->Options->Network and Security.

4) If there are multiple ports on the Media Server, select a specific port to be used by Backup Exec.

Check this article for backing up servers in DMZ.

5) Grant sufficient rights for Backup Exec Logon account. It should have the below rights in Backup Exec server and remote machine.

     a) Logon account should be member of Domain Administrators and the Local Administrators group.

     b) It should have access to the resources which are being selected.

     c) In policies, make sure the policies mentioned in the below link are assigned to the account.

 6) Make sure that remote agent is only publishing to the media server. Remove them and add them again just to be sure.

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