How to run Macintosh LiveUpdate 5.x from the Command Line

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How to run Macintosh LiveUpdate 5.x from the Command Line



Macintosh LiveUpdate version 5.x

Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh versions 12.1 RU3 and older


NOTE: The instructions below are for LiveUpdate version 5.x as found in Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for Macintosh versions 12.1 RU3 and older. For LiveUpdate 6.x in SEP 12.1 RU4 for Macintosh and newer, see How to run Macintosh LiveUpdate 6.x from the Command Line

WARNING: These instructions describe a short form of the command line for customer convenience. It is not recommened to use this form when no one is logged onto the Macintosh OS, e.g. via a cron job--doing so may result in a hung LiveUpdate process that will block updates until it is killed or the OS is restarted. It is better to run or schedule LiveUpdate from the product GUI or via the symsched command line, or upgrade to SEP 12.1 RU4 for Macintosh or newer. See How to schedule Macintosh LiveUpdate for all users and  Guide to symsched Command-line Switches and examine the resultant crontab entries for the form that is used there.


To open LiveUpdate (there is a space after the \ (backslash)):

In Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh ("SEP for Mac"):

/Library/Application\ Support/Symantec/LiveUpdate/

In SAV and NAV for Macintosh:

/Applications/Norton\ Solutions/

Add a flag and parameter


replace with one of the following product codes:
LUal = All Symantec products
LUdf = Norton AntiVirus virus definition updates
LUlu = LiveUpdate
LUna = Norton AntiVirus
LUnu = Norton Utilities
LUpc = Norton Privacy Control
LUpf = Norton Personal Firewall
LUur = Norton Parental Control Web blocking updates


This example updates all Symantec products. This command is like running Update Everything Now from LiveUpdate.
/Applications/Norton\ Solutions/ -update LUal

You can add more than one command, if you want to. Just add a space between each flag and parameter. This command updates the Norton AntiVirus program and virus definitions.
/Applications/Norton\ Solutions/ -update LUna - update LUdf

Add an optional flag and parameter

-liveupdateautoquit YES

Quits LiveUpdate without displaying the LiveUpdate summary window.

Note: The summary tells you what has been updated. If there is a product update, the computer must be restarted before the update is active.

-liveupdatequiet YES

Suppresses the progress window (the window with the antenna).

Note: This option should not be used for Norton Internet Security or Norton Parental Control. Doing so may cause LiveUpdate not to complete the Norton Parental Control Web blocking update. This may cause LiveUpdate to pause indefinitely for the update to finish. If this happens, you must click the LiveUpdate icon in the Dock and choose Quit LiveUpdate. The update will then finish in a few minutes in the background.

-liveupdateoninstall YES

Displays the Yes/No prompt that is used in the installer.


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