Applying a transform while running an installation

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How do I apply a transform while running an installation?


To apply a transform while running an installation, do the following:

On the command line, type in "Msiexec /i MsiName.msi TRANSFORMS=TransformName.mst". Run the transform. If you do not want to have the user type in a command line, then use one of the following methods to run the transform:
  1. Write a batch file that runs the .msi along with the appropriate transform.
  2. Use the shortcut that was created with the transform. If you used InstallTailor to create a transform, a shortcut with the same name as the transform is created along with the transform file. This shortcut's target will run the base .msi and apply the transform.
  3. Output the installation as an executable that launches an .msi, which gives you the ability to send command line options to the .msi.

Transforms (.mst files) are very useful in customizing existing .msi files. Transforms let you add, delete, and replace items in the installation file, and contain anything that an .msi can store. The greatest advantage of an .mst file is that it gives you control over the end result of the existing .msi file. This saves you time, eliminating the task of trying to modify existing .msi files manually.

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