How to reset default the admin account password to login to the OpsCenter Console

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User needs to change the default admin password, or is unable to login to the OpsCenter Console because the default admin account password is unknown.


Via the OpsCenter Console, navigate to Settings > Users > Check the box next to "admin" and click on Edit.
There is a Password: Reset Password option.
If unable to login into the OpsCenter Console, reset the admin account password from the command line.

Use the vssat command to change the password for this admin principal in Symantec Product Authentication Service.
To change the password in Symantec Product Authentication Service:

1. Navigate to the following directory (if you have installed Symantec Product Authentication Service in the default location):
Windows: <install_path>\Security\Authentication\bin
Solaris:  /opt/VRTSat/bin

2. Run the following command:
   vssat resetpasswd --pdrtype ab --domain  OpsCenterUsers --prplname admin --newpasswd <newpasswd> --repeatednewpasswd <repnewpasswd>
Or you can be prompted for the new password  For example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\VERITAS\Security\Authentication\bin>vssat resetpasswd --pdrtype ab --domain OpsCenterUsers --prplname admin
Enter new password:
Reenter new password:
Changed PassWord For:   admin
Page 36 in the Symantec Product Authentication Service Installation Guide provides more detail.  See the Related Articles Link below.


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