Out of Band Management 7.0 cannot connect to the Intel service, showing a 403 error (lacks SQL 2008 support)

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Out of Band Management 7.0 SP3 MR1 includes Intel SCS 5.3, which only supports SQL Server 2005.  When the installation completes, the Intel AMT service area (http://localhost/AMTSCS) will not connect, but give a 403 error message.


When accessing the IntelSCS web page, http://localhost/AMTSCS, the page does not prompt for credentials, but gives a 403 error message.

In the Symantec Management Console, when trying to access the Out of Band Management pages (e.g. the General Settings or Service Location, or Out of Band Site Service areas), a generic message about the user not working, or a message about the Database being unreachable, is displayed.


Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP5
Out of Band Management 7.0 SP3 MR1


Out of Band Management 7.0 SP3 MR1 comes with IntelSCS 5.3, which only supports SQL Server 2005.  Even if the install completed, the Intel service is unable to properly connect to the database.


Please call Support to obtain the following version of Out of Band Management, SP3 MR1 HF1, which includes IntelSCS 5.4 and updates to the solution that allows it to support SQL 2008.

The install CMD file is hard-coded to expect the Symantec Management Platform installation on the C: drive.  If it is installed to another drive, the cmd file needs to be edited to reflect this.

  1. If the Intel SCS 5.3 service is currently installed (it is displayed as "Intel(R) Active Mangement Technology Setup and Configuration Service" in the Add or Remove Programs list), then uninstall it, keeping the database, if required, and reboot the server if prompted.
  2. Run the install cmd file in the attached ZIP (there is also an Uninstall cmd file) as the Symantec Application Identity account (Remote Desktop as session 0) to apply.
  3. After installing the hotfix, run the IntelSCS 5.4 installer (Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\x86\Out of Band Management\IntelSCS\AMTConfServer.exe).

Supplemental Materials


This contains an install MSI including two Cmd files that install OOBM 7.0 SP3 hotfix to allow Intel SCS 5.4.

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