Known Issue - Distribute software jobs with the option "Copy directly from file source then execute" fail to install the package

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When distributing software in the Deployment Solution server using the option Copy directly from file source then execute under the Advanced button in the distribute software task, the install file will be copied down to the client computer, but it will not be executed/installed. The client computer will show from AClient the error message "Error while connecting to File Source using UserName specifieduser. Please check username and password."  For the DAgent machine, you may receive the following error for the status, "Error receiving file: C:Windows\TEMP\".


Deployment Solution 6.5 build 233 (original release), 6.5 Hotfix 1 build 241, 6.5 SP1 build 299

This issue was fixed in Hotfix 2, but it occurred in DS 6.5 SP1 again.


Altiris is currently investigating the cause to this issue. The component that is causing the problem is the AClient.exe or DAgent.exe on the client computers.


DS 6.5

Altiris is working on creating a Deployment Solution 6.5 SP1 version of the AClient that will address this issue. When that has been released it will be attached to this article.

Currently, if you use the Deployment Solution 6.5 Hotfix 2 version of the AClient.exe in your environment, it will resolve this issue. That is suggested if you are getting this error when distributing software.

Note: This is resolved in Deployment Solution 6.8. This article is referenced from the Deployment Solution 6.8 Release Notes. To access the Release Notes, click here.

Altiris recommends that before upgrading to this version customers verify that their Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP) is current. See article 3187.

Note2:  This issue was back in our DS 6.9 code and has been resolved in DS 6.9 SP2

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