How to configure IIS and Exchange for relaying Inbound and Outbound mail

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You need to know the general instructions on how to relay Inbound email through a Symantec Brightmail Message Filter or how to relay outbound email through Symantec Mail Security for SMTP on a Windows Platform. The documentation available is missing this information. This is actually out of scope for Symantec Support but guidance to some extent may be appreciated.

You need to know how to configure IIS or Exchange for relaying.

  • Can not receive mail, messages do not get relayed from the Symantec Brightmail Message Filter (SBMF) machine to the mailbox server.
  • Outbound scanning does not work, messages do not pass through the Symantec Mail Security for SMTP (SMS-SMTP) to the outside world.



Windows 2003

Exchange 2003

Symantec Brightmail Message Filter 6.x

Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5.x


Configure IIS for relaying inbound mail to the mailbox server

  1. Open IIS Manager and expand Default SMTP Virtual Server.
  2. Right-click Domains > New Domain > Remote > type in the domain name of the organization for example > Finish.
  3. Select properties of that domain.
  4. Check "Allow incoming mail to be relayed to this domain."
  5. Click "Forward all mail to smart host" and type in the Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP in brackets of the mailbox server.
  6. Click OK.

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The above configuration should be done where you need to install SBMF on a Windows Platform. Symantec recommends to ensure the mail relaying does work in the above configured way before installing the SBMF. This setup is needed because the SBMF does not contain it´s own Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and the bm-client component which is a part of the SBMF simply "hooks on" and integrates with the Microsoft IIS MTA.

Configure Exchange for relaying outbound mail through the MTA of the SMS-SMTP

  1. Open Exchange System Manager > Administrative Groups > Servers > Protocols > Expand SMTP.
  2. Select Properties on Default SMTP Virtual Server > Delivery tab > Advanced > Smart host > Type in the IP of the SMS SMTP outbound MTA in brackets > OK.
  3. Restart Simple Mail Transfer Protocol on the Exchange Server.


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