After installing Mail Security for Domino Many Messages are Unscannable due to Scan Error: Malformed Container or Malformed Mime.

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Many messages maybe being quarantined due to scan error as Malformed Container.  This can cause a lot of messages to be quarantined that will have to be released.


In most cases the following two parameters are all that is needed.  Add the following lines to your notes.ini file:



Also, if you get Malformed Container errors from messages in MIME format via SMTP you can also add the following line to your notes.ini:



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Customers upgrading to SMSDOM 8.0.7 may see a mass amount of messages getting quarantined due to a Malformed container error. An example message may look like the following in the log and console:

SMSDOM detected the scan error (Malformed container) in database W2003-A
Mailbox, document NT0000094E, author,
component _test_document.mht. The document is quarantined.

If you have too many messages to process manually you may call into support for additional help. Please reference this technote when speaking to a support representative.

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