Need to remove EICAR test string from Quarantine Permanently.

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EICAR test string Reappears in the Quarantine Files again after restarting the computer.

The status of the Eicar String shown in the Quarantine files as "Backup".




1) Go to Change settings > Antivirus / Antispyware Protection>Configure Settings> File System Autoprotect>Actions and Changed all the First Action as "Clean File" and If the first action fails: "Delete File"

2) Go to Change settings > Antivirus / Antispyware Protection >Configure Settings> File System Autoprotect>Advanced and Unchecked the Backup Option and scan a file when its being backed up. Unchecked the Delete newly created infected files if the action is "Leave alone"

3) Disable any startup items from loading up by: START > RUN>"msconfig">click OK> Click on Start up TAB and uncheck / Disable all Suspicious / unwanted Startup items.

4) Restart the machine and Run a Full Scan.

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