When attempting to backup a virtual machine (VM) with the Agent for VMWare Virtual Infrastructure that has a Raw Device Mapped disk or Independent disk attached to the VM, the job may finish with the exception "Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images:"

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When backing up a Virtual Machine (VM) using the Agent for VMWare Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) that has a RDM (Raw Device Mapping) or Independent disk attached to the VM and the RDM / Independent disk is excluded from the backup, the job will complete with the following exception:



V-79-57344-38721 - Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images:



Virtual Machine: Test Machine
Hard Drive 1: Disk 1.vmdk - Thin Provisioned Hard Disk 50GB NTFS volume
Hard Drive 2: Disk 2.vmdk - Thick Provisioned Hard Disk 400GB NTFS volume
Hard Drive 3: Raw Device Mapped to 1TB SAN LUN - Excluded from the backup

In this Example since hard drive 3 is a RDM device it will cause the backup to complete with the above exception.  GRT selections will not be available for hard drives 1 and 2 because of this exception.


Symantec Backup Exec does not support GRT, Incremental or Differential AVVI backup of a VM having RDM or independent disk.


To backup VM having RDM/Independent disk install a Remote Agent on the virtual machine that has the RDM / Independent disk attached and back it up as if it were a physical machine.  

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Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images:

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH144213

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