Mxdfsscan.exe: exclude option does not exclude DFS paths.

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The binary to scan the DFS (Distributed File System) paths in Symantec Data Insight (SDI) version 1.02 is coded as case sensitive and fails matches entered into the  file used in path based exclusions.

In version SDI  1.02 the patch is case sensitive and \\filer\Path\Name is not a match for \\filer\Path\name or \filer\path\name.

The path based filter specifies the path of a folder and filters out all events which have that path prefix. For path-based filtering, you must specify a fully qualified path prefix. For example,



Scans complete and fully scan DFS paths that were intended to be excluded


SDI 1.-02

Windows server

NetApp with Ontapi 7.3.2 or greater


The Mxdfsscan.exe binary is case sensitive and a match must be exactly as the DFS share name is configured into the SDI application under the comma separated file (cvs)  used in t he command:


configdb -H <name of the .csv file>


The SDI  version 1.04 has incorporated changes that will allow for the pattern matching in the mxddfsscan.exe execution.

The files for the new version maybe downloaded using your customer serial number from fileconnect

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